Brandname: Tung Fong Hung
Company Name: Tung Fong Hung Medicine Company Limited.
Management Function Analysis
The case of " Tung Fong Hung" illustrates the power of the Marketing Mix and the importance of market intelligence.

Collecting and analyzing market intelligence is undoubtedly a bread-and-butter issue that every company must constantly take care of. Market intelligence is a treasure trove of business opportunities; it helps a company to know what its customers need, want and prefer. With proper and accurate market intelligence, a company would be better able to profile its marketing targets, such as what kind of market position to take, what promotion strategies to adopt, what type of customers to attract, etc. In a nutshell, once market intelligence can be fully grasped and duly analyzed, the four elements of the Marketing Mix, i.e., Product, Price, Place and Promotion will suggest themselves.
Implications for SMEs

SMEs must understand that marketing mix is a contextual thing whose effectiveness depends on the market circumstance. Whenever the circumstance changes, the marketing mix should be changed too; however, there is an unchanged rule prevailing in all circumstances: that marketing mix should be based on sufficient and accurate market intelligence.