CED Workshop in Benchmarking

The three-day workshop is based on the yearlong research conducted by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, in collaboration with the City University of Hong Kong, with funding support from the SME Development Fund of Hong Kong SAR Government.

As a result of the research, the workshop is supported by the following information resources:

  • CMAHK Website on Best Practice Benchmarking
  • CMAHK Published books titled "Hong Kong Benchmarking: Best Practices"
  • CMAHK Published book titled "Hong Kong Benchmarking: Ready for Transfer"

Objectives of the Workshop

To acquire the technical know-how to identify, develop, execute and maintain benchmarking projects in organizations, through mastering the following skills:

  1. Identify the critical functional systems in your organization
  2. Identify the critical strategic, tactical and operational processes in your organization
  3. Prioritize the critical processes in terms of importance, relevance and urgency for improvement
  4. Analyze and map out the critical processes designated for best practice benchmarking improvements
  5. Gather relevant, valid and reliable best practices from successful organizations
  6. Interpret and conceptualize relevant best practices for benchmarking transfer
  7. Incorporate and adaptation of relevant best practices to create new improved processes
  8. Build up requisite core competency, mind-set and organizational culture for sustained improvement
  9. Monitor operations of new improved processes against effectiveness, efficiency and other appropriate indicators
  10. Case Study based on real-life examples of Best Practice Benchmarking Transfer.

The Chinese version outline of the activities for the three-day workshop is available for download from 「中小企培訓指南」 of this website.