Brandname: Nin Jiom
Company Name: Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Management Function Analysis
Nin Jiom has successfully maintained its sales performance through continuously exploring new market segments, thus avoiding the obsolescence as seen in many traditional brands. In this case, the Company is able to penetrate into the youngster market by dint of reinvention of packaging and the employment of a pop singer as brand's spokesman.

By changing the container of "PeI Pa Koa" from traditional glass bottle to smaller-volume "Convenient Pack," "Nin Jiom" shows how to sustain market share through the pursuit of Product Differentiation strategy. Besides, the introduction of " Herbal Candy" is the illustration of another approach of product differentiation, i.e., habitual differentiation, to the extent that this easy-to-carry, trendy candy matches the consumption habits of the young generation, thus enabling the Company to establish its foothold in this market segments swiftly and effectively.
Implications for SMEs

In additional to the "Break-up Strategy" and "Habitual Differentiation" mentioned above, SMEs should be aware of several other product differentiation strategies:

  1. Packaging Change (change in the mode, color, volume, size, container);
  2. Taste Differentiation (e.g., different flavor chewing gum);
  3. Functional Differentiation (e.g., digital cameras with different function and price level);
  4. Media Differentiation (e.g., movie recorded in VHS tape, VCD, DVD);
  5. Brand Image Differentiation (Mix of brands or sub-brands owned by the same organization).