Brandname: Knife Brand / Axe / Red Lantern / Golden Statue
Company Name: Lam Soon (HK) Ltd
Management Function Analysis
Balancing the Control System (or operations management system) and Intelligence System (or market demand information and response system) are critical to the continuous viability and growth of companies. Both systems should be enhanced progressively, but each system should not out-perform the other, creating disequilibrium. This systems development is vividly seen in this company when the management information system was greatly enhanced to match with the company's success in marketing its products.

The company experienced continuous success in the Intelligence System and considered at some point in time, the Control System should be enhanced. With this in mind, the company took measures to overhaul and enhance its management information system to the state-of-the-art level. It allows a ready and comprehensive analysis, flow and sharing of relevant management information on its internal and external environment. With the highly efficient and effective management information system, the company is well prepared for another quantum jump in business performance.
Implications for SMEs
SMEs should take note of the organizational viability concept which informs organizations to keep a balance between their intelligence system and control system, and allowing any one system to outperform the other, the disequilibrium so created would result in organizational collapse.