Brandname: Lamex
Company Name: Lamex Trading Co Ltd
Management Function Analysis
The company has long recognized that manufacturers' old focus on mass production, long product runs and cost-based competition has shifted in recent years and the new competitive focus is on diversity, excellent quality, small batch production, shorter lead times and high value-added products.

Standards of product quality, service quality and productivity have been challenged as a result of increased competitiveness and the company have responded with (a) Customer focus in product and service; (b) Appropriate technology in product design and manufacturing; and (c) Quality of process and products. The company has in fact excelled in the three critical success areas over the past years and has tried and succeeded in adopting innovative and forward looking strategies and tactics in these three key areas. These practices are good benchmarking sources for manufacturers who wish to succeed in the highly competitive market.
Implications for SMEs
SMEs should understand there are critical success factors beyond excellence production technology. Manufacturers are also in the business of providing service and the Total Quality Management concepts can always be the first lesion to learn, especially in establishing good relationship with the company's internal and external customers.