Brandname: Eu Yan Sang
Company Name: Eu Yan Sang (HK) Ltd
Management Function Analysis
The search for "Authenticity" has been a continuous effort if marketers of products seek to create and project a professional image on their target customers. This is especially so for health and medicinal products. The company has been able to "kill two birds with one stone" - through adopting a scientific approach to establish authenticity, it diversifies the customer base for its products' appeal and at the same time, confirming beyond doubts its products' function.

"Authenticity" has been achieved by the proof of "Validity" and proof of "Reliability". Validity in this case has been proven through scientific laboratory testing and certification, while Reliability has been achieved through upgrading and standardizing the manufacturing process. It is worth noting that the upgrading of the manufacturing process has involved both "hardware" and "software", that is, besides upgrading of machinery, human skill on the part of all employees have already been upgraded. The transformation will not be complete and will not be effective, if either hardware or software is enhanced.

External recognition has also been helping towards achieving authenticity and in this case, awards from Government Bodies and collaboration with Tertiary Institutions have been effective ways of confirming product authenticity.
Implications for SMEs
"Authenticity" proof, if it would involve heavy financial investment, would be difficult for SMEs to pursue. However, authenticity should always be high on the agenda in service provision or product manufacturing for SMEs. The principles of "validity", "reliability", "hard and software upgrading", "external recognition" and "external collaboration" can be applied to SMEs in a scale that is commensurate with the available capacity of their financial and other resources.